Our volunteers are essential to building relationships and effecting change

  • Volunteer Opportunity: Family Visitor
    Monthly (6 mo. minimum)
    Dayton, OH, Dayton, OH, USA
    Welcome and build relationships with families in the Dayton area as they transition to life in the U.S. Spend time practicing English, giving practical tips, meeting friends in the neighborhood, sharing meals and culture over the table.
  • Volunteer Opportunity: Task Assistant
    (3 mo. minimum)
    Dayton, OH, Dayton, OH, USA
    Everyday tasks can be a handful while making transitions. A ready and mobile friend can carry someone's burden simply by accompanying families on tasks, medical appointments, job interviews, and other needs.
  • Volunteer Opportunity: Tutor
    2 nights a week
    Dayton, OH, Dayton, OH, USA
    Tutors are needed to help students with English and other school assignments. Weekly educational programs become vital to children's growth, motivation, and opportunity.
  • Volunteer Opportunity: Administrative Assistant
    2 times a week
    Dayton, OH, Dayton, OH, USA
    With so many great families in the area, there is much to keep track of. Help is needed to manage and organize appointments, visits, forms, and more. It ensures the quality of service and maximizes effectiveness.

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